AS and Socialization

Students with AS exhibit behavioral deficits affecting their development, independence, and successful socialization interactions that range from abnormal social approaches ….


Aspergers and

There are no approved substances to treat Aspergers Syndrome (AS) directly. Some products can be used to mitigate symptoms including anxiety, mood regulation, and obsessive…


Aspergers at Home

Children and adolescents with Aspergers or HFA have a difficult time fitting into the family unit.  They are not willing to compromise with decisions and fail to see other family…

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What are the characteristics of a person with Aspergers?

What is Aspergers Syndrome?

Asperger Syndrome and AEF Schools

AEF offers alternative schooling for children and adolescents who are not experiencing success in traditional public or private schools, socially, and or at home.  Some of the students at AEF have difficulty with accepting no for an answer, compromise, seeing / respecting alternative perspectives, homework, social skills, attention, focus, friendships, and decision making.  The specialized curriculum of AEF is designed to help remediate the cognitive, life, social, and communication skill deficits that these students exhibit.

Some of these students have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or HFA.  However, two students with HFA are as different from each other as two students without HFA and therefore the interventions, response to interventions, and their curriculum need to be individualized.  The unique life, social, and cognitive curriculum offered at AEF allows students to develop the specific skills necessary for their individual success.

What to Look for in a School Catering to Students with HFA

For parents with children suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, private schools offer notable advantages over public schools including:

  • Smaller class sizes

AEF average class size is 14 students

  • Flexibility in budgeting for Asperger’s support

AEF is fully accredited by SACS/ CASI but as a private school is not bound by the restriction of public school bureaucracy.

  • Relief from (unfortunate) bullying

AEF Schools smaller class sizes offer more supervision and a unique anti-bulling intervention provides a safe environment for all students.

  • In some cases, specialization in dealing with this syndrome

AEF Schools unique and individualized curriculum over specialization for each student.

  • For children with Asperger’s, schools may offer a focus on their individual and emotional needs, learning gaps and unique learning styles.

While academics are still the main focus, there is a strong focus and instruction on social, life, and cognitive skill building.

  • Schools may offer or might include discrete instruction, occupational or behavioural therapy, social skills training and more.

AEF has developed and implements curriculum specifically designed to help with behavioral and social skill training and cognitive skill remediation.

For parents considering schools with Asperger’s support

For parents of children with Asperger’s, schools may present wide variation in support they offer. As you consider schools, consider the following questions:

AEF has been working with children with AS for over 15 years.  The methodologies and interventions developed are used worldwide and have over 40 years of practical application.

  • What successes with previous Asperger’s students can they point to?

AEF graduates students every year who successfully attend college, university, vocational school, or enter the work force.

  • What is the school environment in terms of bullying and social integration of special needs children?

The number one goal of the school environment is to promote a safe and nurturing environment where every student feels comfortable, does not need to worry about their safety and focus all their attention on enjoying school and making friends

All AEF staff are giving training in understanding and working with AS children.  However, the systems within the school are what make the program so successful for this population.

Asperger’s and Schools

Guidance for families is needed to help determine specific strengths and challenges their children face. By doing this, it will help you decide if the school is able to address the specific, unique needs of your child. Children with Asperger’s Syndrome cannot develop these skills on their own, so the earlier a plan is in place, the more likely they are to build the confidence they need to be independent and find successful outcomes.

Finding a professional with expertise in the field of autism and Asperger’s can assess a child’s specific needs and how they are currently being addressed.  Each stage of development brings new challenges to all children. A school that was able to provide a wonderful environment in third grade may not be able to address the new challenges that middle school brings. Therefore, it’s crucial to reassess the student’s maturity and development every year.

The appropriateness of the educational situation is a critical part of academic and personal success from preschool through college.

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We Are A Fully Accredited, Non Profit Private School, Operated by a Board of Directors. Helping Children With Aspergers and related Social and Academic Disabilities

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Children and adolescents with Aspergers benefit from being in a small, structured environment that promotes and fosters social, cognitive and life skills along with academic instruction. 

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