Be a Thermostat, not a Thermometer

As parents, caregivers, or educators it is critically important to be proactive and in control rather than reactive and emotional.

A thermometer gauges the temperature but cannot control it.  A thermometer can only react to temperature changes and display these changes.

A thermostat, on the other hand, controls the temperature in the room by creating the reverse effect on the changing temperature.  If the room gets too hot, the thermostat kicks in cold air.  Similarly, if the room gets too cold, the thermostat kicks in the heat.

Think of yourself as a thermostat.  When situations become heated or emotionally charged, it is your function to de-escalate them.  When you sense your child is out of sorts, depressed, or concerned about things, it is your job to bring them back to a healthy state.  Do not engage in the same behavior as your child.


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